PATCHY NEWS: Huge thank you to Matt Darey and Above & Beyond for featuring ‘Promises’ on their Group Therapy radio session. Listen below @ 1hr41-ish!

GROUP THERAPY 214 with ABOVE AND BEYONDpatchy-logo-one

Candi is a singer, songwriter and music producer. She co-produced her debut electronic, synth pop album  under the alias ‘Patchy’, titled ‘Illuminations’, released on Manual Music (NL).  She has since co-written many deep house and electronic tracks with well-respected dance music producers, spanning a wide range of musical styles.

Candi continues to release her music in the U.K and across Europe on a number of record labels, including Manual Music, (Netherlands), Warner Music (Italy), Ego (Italy), Total Freedom (Italy) & Nocturnal Nouveau (London).

She is currently working with DJ Matt Darey / Nouveau (Nocturnal Nouveau) on various musical projects. DJ Matt Darey is currently working on the first album in Dolby Atmos, which features two tracks with Patchy. Promises & Wolf. You heard it first here!

Candi has also released ‘Broken Bells’  with D/R/U/G/S producer and DJ, Callum Wright (Code Silence) in 2016. Candi will be featuring on a new Darkline single being released on label, Nightcolours summer 2017.

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